All things human and machine

Digital Consulting Services

Cloud Services


The services we offer are (among others):

- Social media use, training, deployment and management of social sites such as Facebook

-Migration to the new Microsoft, Apple and Google necessities

- Consulting and creative data management, including marketing and content management, to ensure profits are made, but you are in control

- Setting up spyware, system installs, cloud network set-up and other systems security measures necessary

- Linkedin content management including ghost writing for article publication if required, eh Reg?!

- online store management and set-up

- A range of like minded partners to assist you where we can't

The Hunch has fundamental business principals at the core which places a significant amount of energy towards the mental health and survival of the individual., 


 The Hunch takes a sustainable business approach to everything we do. We consider the long term of your business with the short term necessities and don't provide solutions just for the sake of it.

The term bio-organic in the technology space refers to a solution which will attempt to combine human with machine wherever practical.

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