Who is The Hunch?

Founder - Stuart Holmes

  • "Just Play your role", is what Hawks coach Clarko would say to his players, and we'll win. more times than we'll lose.

Stuart Holmes, The Hunch creator, is a father who puts everything else after his boys. Hence, + partners. The big difference between having partners and having employees is the sense of equality and shared vision which comes from a partnership. Each party agrees to the partnership and away we go.

Professionally Stuart has had a career spanning 20-30 years, Notably he was joint founder of SMAART Recruitment, the creator of a regional youth employment program, a political lobbyist and an established public speaker. Considered a thought leader within the recruitment landscape in Australia he has spent the last three years exploring business from a wider lens.

An outspoken  challenger of convention he simply defines outcomes in terms of getting something from A to B. With a thirst for knowledge and a true ideas man he will bring a new angle to your business and would rather see it succeed than make him millions.

Vision is an evolving ideal and the progressive notion that decisions should be made to maximise the number of appealing outcomes holds reasonable. 

That's the approach. Practical and considered.