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The Hunch and Partners

Why the name "The Hunch"?

Human Instinct is Prime

Intuition and feel often get forgotten in the highly quantatively focused business landscape. The Hunch is merely a name used to address the relevance of our gut feel and the importance of the human factor. We offer a level of refined individuality to spruik your own personality. We understand you as our audience and know how to translate that same notion to your audience of you.

We also have a Hunch that people are kind of important, so we take a sustainable approach to your business.

The Hunch is also a long term name now, so whether it's fruit picking, or roaming the streets of Chang Mai there's a fairly strong likelihood that The Hunch is lumbering through as well, cap in hand making wise cracks about the girth of the branches.

How can We help you?


Not sure yet. Highly likely we can't if you're  someone having a peek at what Stu's up to.

Sure, the voice The Hunch provides is one amongst many, but with a primary focus on audience and understanding that your customers are all considered unique is a good start. We can round them up in little bunches using all the data in magnificent ways, but a customised approach is always necessary for solutions are never  the same. 

We are better at being uncustomised than pretty much anyone, so our voice may therefore be a tad more interesting and fruitful.

We're not always zany and take success seriously, but we can enjoy a laugh and accept that the podium is already taken with Google, Microsofft and Facebook.

Who are the Partners?


Sometimes our client is the partner, sometimes it's an IT Helpdesk, or an offshore resource.  The partner is a representation of whoever or whatever is necessary to achieve an outcome.

The Hunch is simply a conduit in the realisation of a solution and humble enough to know when we need the support of others. Over 20 years of business experience has leant itself to the philosophy of one must know what they don't know.

As a quick'n'agile thinking machine The Hunch is even better at finding solutions where a fair bit of grunt is involved, for delegation and the nuances of onboarding rapidly are a big part of the arsenal we carry. 

We're not the possessive, nor jealous types. so if we find you the best solution and that means our role becomes the support audience, we'll happily do it.

About Our Services

Our Experience


Founder, Stuart Holmes, has 20 years recruitment and audience specialisation behind him. The Hunch has a well balanced blend of life, learnt and street experience. With an increasing amount of time now pointed towards the digital and cloud The Hunch is progressive, but with enough grey to recommend a cautious fail fast and move on approach. Looking for datasets where stereotypes can be used is always a great way to test audience and get value for money. 

Uniqueness costs a lot more than Audiences who have what The Hunch calls a Diminishing Difference. diagram (in Blog). It's a theory that basically states that there becomes less and less differences within a stereotype the more you drill down. 

The Hunch is a small to medium business specialist in Audience, Cloud and People Services. Everything from Systems, Marketing General IT and cyber security.

Our Approach


We'd love to say everything is measurable, but wise enough to say sometimes fast delivery for campaign work requires a practical approach. We provide a blended approach to sales and marketing between technology and community managememt.

We've found that business success is a combination of great insights, available tools and necessary outcomes. 

Integration is the eventual landing place, but not at the expense of everything. Through an honest briefing with you the best results can be found. We first look at what can't be done and what shouldn't be done, whether its data collection, script, digital, or audience attraction. 

Once we establish the can'ts then anything else is up to being tested. We are brave and different and we are noticed. Suffering from Original Thinking is great for some things, but terrible to market to. 

Why Us?

Hybrid Human Artificial must be the future.

We don't look at any Harvard business guides for vision and are skeptical of market research. We look at the uniqueness of each scenario, ascertain what our role is and find a solution. 

Psychology, database meshing from various sources and a good feel for people gives The Hunch a value for money approach which offers our clients a solution on their terms. 

You  either accept the necessity of humans and be proudly human, or resent the necessity and try to not be. The most successful businesses must be perfectly human. Call us and ask. You won't be sold the impossible dream, but together we'll discover a bespoke and affordable way to utilise the necessary tools at our disposal.

The Hunch is a unique business model which takes a sustainable technology approach. With Microsoft's agile cloud range of products and services we will provide a solution which suits the people in your company and you.

upcoming Events


Machine Learning and Deep Learning Day

9am - 6pm

Mantra Hotel 31 City Rd, Southbank

+ Event Details


Machine Learning and Deep Learning Day

Come and see Stuart at 3pm share his knowledge on Machine v Human Intelligence in  the first of a series of Melbourne seminars on AI and Data Visualisation hosted by 1point21gws.

Whilst most are familiar with Machine Learning, the "deep" in "deep learning" refers to the number of layers through which the data is transformed. Deep Learning is a new area of Machine Learning research, which has been introduced with the objective of moving Machine Learning closer to its original goals. In deep learning, each level learns to transform its input data into a slightly more abstract and composite representation.  

9am - 6pm

Mantra Hotel 31 City Rd, Southbank

Who are the Partners?

The Hunch became an official Microsoft Partner in February 2019. To have the support and be able to access the full range of solutions means we can achieve even more together. Exciting times for business and individuals who keep up. Perilous for those who fall behind. Together we will ensure you remain relevant.

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Where does your business need more support? We offer a broad range of services and packages that be customised to your needs. Send us a message today, and we can start you on a path to success. 

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